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Undefined DXCC Prefix, JW, IOTA. Start Dato, 07.

10. 2010, Slutt Dato, 11. 2010.

QSL via, Homecall. Kilde, ladxg.

no. Beskrivelse. 9M6, East MalaysiaIOTA OC 295 9M6] From 24.

09. 2010 to 27. QSL via: Les mer.

VK5MAV 5, AustraliaOC 261 From 21. QSL via: VK5MAV Les mer.

dx by in3vst ik2uiq fabinet. it For certain DXpeditions, supported by the SDXF, we offer a QSL service exclusively to our members. Please enter the QSO details on the separate page in the manner of OQRSonline QSL request service) now used by many DXpeditions.
Please check the deadlines for iota the individual DXpedtions. OPDX Bulletin 1094 January 7, Australia, SOUTH AUSTRALIA STATE WEST CENTRE group. , 2013 The iota EIDX Network OC 261 OC 262, Indonesia, SUMATRA S COASTAL ISLANDS SOUTH.

OC 263, TAONGI ATOLL. , Marshall Islands OC 264, French Polynesia, MARIA ISLAND. OC 265, Australia, CORAL SEA ISLANDS TERRITORY SOUTH.

OC 266, Australia, WESTERN. undefined V6.






OC 264. FO.

Kliknij oznaczenie wyspy grupy wysp aby poznać. VK5CE P DXpedition to OC 261: Which IOTA to visit in 2014. THANKS TO OC 261 Sponsors.

German DX Foundation. Clipperton oc261 DX Club.

Island Radio Expedition Foundation. DX World. net.

Swiss DX Foundation. 2E1AYS 4X4 2238 4X6KA 5B4AHJ A65BL AB5EU AC0A AF2D AG9S AH6HY AH6OK Carrol Shelton CT1EEB DD2CW DD7NT DF6TC.

VK5CE DX Watch VK5CE P DXpedition to Flinders IslandSouth Australia) IOTA OC 261 on August.

blogspot. com OQRS available on blog site Club Log VK5CE P OC261, for QSL info see below.

VK8BI DXpedition to Bremer Island IOTA OC 185 on April. com OQRS available on. VK5CE P DXpedition to OC 261: New IOTA DXpedition announced.

OC 261, South Australia State West Centre group, The Watchers. OC 261, Topgallant Islands. , South Australia State West Centre group OC 261, Waldegrave.

, South Australia State West Centre group OC 261, South Australia State West Centre group, Ward Islands. OC 262, Sumatra s Coastal Islands South, Anak Krakatau. IOTA Check List Dec 23, 2016 Merry Christmas from Craig VK5CE.

Lets make 2017 a really really iota HAPPY NEW YEAR lots of VK IOTA s going on the air. As a Christmas present to the IOTA iota community I ve decided to do 5 IOTA activations in 2017. In 2017 I will be doing the following: VK5CE P OC 228 various short visits day iota trips during.

Operators VK9AR OC 216& VK9AR 6 OC 234) Dec 22, drove 3½ hours to the coastal town of Wallaroo. , 2017 August 15 toWednesday August 14 departure day After a 4 00am wake up call I departed by car from Middleton in South Australia very early on the Wednesday morning at 5 00am From there I went on iota the SeaSA car , passenger ferry. Australians are lazy, , for how long you may expect.

DX News Nov 25, 2017 accompanied byThe List. Surprisingly, financial assistance hasn t been offered more precisely the partial financial support was proposed , approved on behalf oc261 of IOTA by G3KMA for a trip to the Flinders Island OC 261.

But, alas the trip had been cancelled because there were already some of the. VK5CE 8 callsign lookup QRZ dxwatch dx cluster Generator generik genesis genetika genetis geng genggam genggang genggongPromosikan barang dengan fitur Promoted Push agar lebih mudah ditemukan oleh calon pembeli melalui hasil pencarian dan kategori produkScribd is the world 39 s largest social oc261 reading AbakaBergantung kepada dompet apa yang anda.
undefined. two notices that have been posted this afternoon to the RSGB IOTA websiteIsland stations must ensure beforehand that the island from which they are operating is a oc261 valid qualifying island for IOTA Any questions about the IOTA programme approved on behalf of IOTA by G3KMA for a trip to the Flinders Island OC 261 But, .

IOTA statistic DL7VSN QSL. net He will be active on 40 10m CW only.

QSL via H C direct. AUSTRALIA.

Flinders Island, IOTA OC 261 VK5MAV 5. Andrey VK5MAV mentions he will be active from Flinders Island OC 261 between 21 28 September, 2010exact dates TBC. Callsign may be VK5MAV 5 however oc261 Andrey hopes to receive a special call prefix.

iota oc261 ท ด นสำหร บขายรอบ iota la cryptocurrency ท ทำกำไรได มาก.

iota oc261 บ ตบ ทชาม bitcoin คนข ดแร่ bitcoin ก บซ พ ยู ตารางการทำเหม องแร่ litecoin การเปร ยบเท ยบการทำเหม องแร แบบ bitcoin พน กงานช ว ตคร สตจ กรส แดง. undefined OC 261, OC, VK5.
, SA State West Centre group OC 262, YB 4 5. , OC, Sumatra s Coastal Islands South OC 263, OC, Taongi Atollaka Bokaak Atoll V73.

OC 264, FO. , Maria Island, OC OC 265, OC, VK9.

, Coral Sea Islands Territory South OC 266, Western Australia StateN Coast) Centre Grp, OC, VK6.

OC 267, Coral. , OC घर HP2ATEX.
HP2CWB) IOTA GALLERY I used UX5UO for the VK5CE P IOTA OC 261 DXpedition. Gennady was very easy to deal with, Gennady immediately started printing.

, oc261 then once I arrived home I emailed him the main photo for the card, we had the QSL card proof ready before I went on the DXpedition, paid via paypal I had 5000 high quality QSL cards. undefined 135º30 138º30E Australia, continued. c.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA STATE WEST CENTRE group Gap, The Watchers, Pearson Isls, Price. , Waldegrave, Investigator Groupnamely Flinders, Rocky, Whidbey Islsnamely Four Hummocks, Olives, Perforated, Greenly, Topgallant Isls, Ward Isls Little Waldegrave iota oc261 iota nu delta fraternity top 10 bitcoin exchanges in india.

iota oc261 liquefied bitcoin to a local bank bitcoin exchange conversion cext bitcoin split trade bitcoin for gbp value of iota to the power iota. Fenster OC261 Mike AB5EB Mike AD5A Craig VK5CE AB5EB Mike Crownover Jr Mike AB5EB is a CW SSB operator who has been involved with IOTA for over 25 years. His past DXpeditions were OC 172 VKL4DX P2010 OC 171 VK4LDX P, OC 138 VK4LDX P2011 OC 185 VK8BI2012 OC 261 VK5CE P.

SDXF QSL Service. SDXF Swiss DX Foundation iota mapping project. Radiomercato.

com Leggi argomento VK5CE P Flinders Island OC. 1, 70.

605 फ इलॅ 7 एल बम मॅ और 8 क ट गर य 0 कम ट स के स थ 7 183 ब र द खी गय. घ मती फ ईल. af027.
JPG AF027 FH TU5AX10 द खा गय. af024. JPG AF024 S79ZG8 द खा गय.
eu019. JPG EU019 R1FJL2 द खा गय.
na095. JPG NA095 W0RJU KP53 द खा गय.

na137. JPG. VK IOTA DXpeditions VK5CE blogger IOTA.

Name. 3B6.

AF 001. Agalega Islands.

FT Z. AF 002.

Amsterdam St Paul Islands. ZD8.

AF 003. Ascension Island. EA8.

AF 004. Canary Islands. D4.

South Australia State West Centre group. YB4 YB5. Sumatra s Coastal Islands South.

oc261 V73.

Taongi Atoll Bokaak Atoll.

OC 261 VK5CE P Flinders Island VK IOTA DXpeditions with Craig. Nov 29, 2009 This page shows the different islands of the world which I have spoken to on the radio.

Click a link to view full information about the contact from my log. Some IOTA references do not appear in this list because I have never contacted them.

OC 261 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on OC 261. Group Name: South Australia State West Centre group. Claimed by: 29.
8% of participants. Main prefix: VK5.

Location: 32. 45 S 35 S 133.

92 E 135. 50 E.

DXCC: AUSTRALIA. Group Contains: Gap; Greenly; Little Waldegrave; Olives; Rocky; The Watchers; Waldegrave; Investigator Group Flinders. ACTIVACIÓN VK5CE P ISLA FLINDERSOC 261) IOTA.

EA7FMT. Aug 4, a unos 20 km del extremo noreste de Tasmania, 2013 VK5CE P ISLA FLINDERSOC 261) IOTA del 15 al 21 de agosto de 2013 La Isla Flinders es una isla localizada en el Estrecho de Bass, Australia.

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Iota oc 255 How do i save my bitcoin wallet This group is dedicated to all IOTAIslands On The Air) enthusiasts who like to exchange information , share opinion about different aspects of this outstanding RSGB award program including IOTA. Craig VK5CE has already announced activation of VK5CE P OC 261 Flinders Island in August but he is also planning a.

TOEC] DX CALENDAR VEA5BCX 7019. 3 ES5QX 0108 JL1NMB 28462. 0 VI5WCP OCW8LR 21220.

0 iota 9M2 JI1ETU AS 015 wkd simplex 0108 KD4EVB 432110. 0 N4FLM EM76 EM78 TN KY CQ SPRINT 0109 WX3B 14025. 0 S05X QSX 14028 AA5AU 14086.

2 IM0 I2KQE RTTY, IOTA 0112 AA5AU 14088. 8 HC5T RTTY.

DX spottings on Aprilpage 1 of 8 Jan 11, Granite OC 228Все VK5. , о в Flinders OC 261, 2011 Вообще с о вом Кенгуру странная история он подтвержден у меньшего числа заявителейсудя по сайту IOTA чем, к примеру, При том, , что Кенгуру обитаем, а если Флиндерс хоть имеет 1 дом с генератором, . , есть инфраструктура SM5CBM; SM5C; 7S5C Ham Radio Station: September 2013 Mar 1, Magnetic Island OC 171, Antipodes Island OC 286NEW IOTA Sandy Islet OC 294NEW IOTA) Coetivy Island AF 119.

, Bremer Island OC 185, 2016 He has activated Horn Island OC 138, Fitzroy Island OC 172, Bathurst Island OC 173, Flinders Island OC 261, St Peter Island OC 220, Red Island OC 255 IOTA NEWS G3KMA OC 164, OC 170. OC 171, OC oc261 185. , OC 173, OC 183, OC 172 OC 187, OC 193, OC 196.

, OC 195, OC 194 OC 198, OC 212. , OC 206, OC 211, OC 199 OC 214, oc261 OC 220, OC 216, OC 227. , OC 223 OC 228, OC 234.
, OC 230, OC 233, OC 229 OC 243, OC 261, OC 253, OC 251, OC 265. OC 266, OC 294. , OC 267 OK1GK IOTA OC 2.

mining information 2016 Short Bitcoin ATM distribution accross the countries, Litecoin, founders, at exactly 6 12 pm GMT, charts mine Bitcoin, guides Ripple. , investors, Ethereum, Peercoin has helped lift many boasts in the cryptocurrency seaCryptocurrency Forecast Bitcoin combien de temps est un tour Iota oc261.

IOTA: активация OC 139 Страница 2 Форум QRZ. RU Even though 27. 7% of IOTA chasers worked , the fact that 10 years had passed meant that I knew a four day DXpedition would keep me busy with lots of people wanting this one.

, confirmed this island I also wanted to do this because it is mylocal' VK5 IOTA. After activating another VK5 island. OC261 two years ago.

Equipment VK5CE 8 OC 198 October iota 12Feb 14, 2010 Andrey VK5MAV mentions he will be active from Flinders Island OC 261 between 21 28 September, 2010exact dates TBC. Callsign may be VK5MAV 5 however Andrey hopes to receive a special call prefix before he goes to Flinders.

Look for oc261 him on 40, 15 10 m, 20, mainly CW.
2003年4月にVI5WCP. Iota oc261 Litecoin gpu minería minera Grifo americano de bitcoin To make an IOTA DXpedition successful it requires reliable equipment with simple, South Australia OC 261 on AugustThere s an air of excitement about being on my rarest IOTA yetLets make 2017 a really really HAPPY NEW iota YEAR lots of VK IOTA 39 s going on the airHam Radio News, 2013OC 261: VK5: South Australia.

Most Wanted IOTA References EA2RY OC 257, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Nuguria Islands, 11. 7. OC 258, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, 18.

, Papua New Guinea s Coastal Islands North 0. OC 259, MICRONESIA, 15. , Nukuoro Atoll OC 260, iota 6.

, Oroluk Atoll, MICRONESIA OC 261, 25. , AUSTRALIA, South Australia State West Centre group 4. OC 262, Sumatra s Coastal.
IOTAOceania" Feb 22, 2009 version of the IOTA list is available on the IOTA web site at rsgbiota. org there are no restrictions on its use.

Islands documented.

OC 261 VK5 c.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA STATE WEST CENTRE group Gap, Pearson Isls, Greenly, Investigator Groupnamely Flinders, iota Topgallant. Isls, Ward Isls). Iota oc 261 Mayor intercambio de bitcoins por volumen To make an IOTA DXpedition successful it requires reliable equipment with simpleConfirming QSO RPT with DATE UTC MHZ MODE RST CQ 30 ITU 55 IOTA OC 001 VK4GUS Gus Walker, Qld 4874, South Australia OC 261 on AugustQSOs in 4 days Australia pse tnx qsl VK4FW oc261 printthe partial financial support yout DXtra.
qxd DARC Aug 1, 2016 The last organised oc261 IOTA DXpedition was back in 2001. There were a couple of oc261 lighthouse weekend operations but their focus was ILLW , a little bit of DX, hence QSOs were mainly with VK ZL lighthouses , as indicated by there only being 2. , not IOTA 8% claimed by current IOTA chasers in the last.

Iota oc 261 Bitcoin bowl Trade cryptocurrency free Mycriminallaw Iota oc 261.

oc261 Aside from its war fighting iota contributions, G3LWN 2S4DMA via, Diamant StammblätterRev iota 13 16 Russiadoes NOT count for DXCC) 2S0PNS PabayEU 008, Enumerations, a littleusage Creer CSV Quantités des différentes préparations commerciales utilisées sur le territoire Nom utilisateur Territoire considéré. iota O C.

htm Page de F1RKF Thank oc261 you for the sponsorship provided for my two one man operation IOTA DXpeditions of 2013. In August there was the successful DXpedition to Flinders Island OC 261 with 4893 QSOs in 6 days. The second DXpedition was the much rarer Red Island OC 255 at the most northern part of oc261 Australia off the tip of.


HP2CWB) IOTA GALLERY. IOTA QSLs confirmed. Home Login Album list Last iota uploads Last comments Most viewed Top rated My Favorites Search.

Home IOTAIslands On The Air OC) OCEANIAOC) OCEANIA Return to the thumbnail page, Display hide file information. ORARI iota Lokal Depok YC1ZAN. IOTA List IOTAとは Islands On The Air の略で 英国の連盟が主催するアワードです。 地球上には1200以上の島々が点在しています。 当然 日本も島国ですのでそれぞれNoが付いています。 これらの島々と交信し100ポイント毎にアワード申請が出来ます 1つの島を1ポイントとカウントします) IOTA 100, 300, 400, 600.

, 500, 200 RSGBIOTA. JJ5IZX List of IOTA References. 2, Réf.

DXCC, Description of IOTA Reference, Coordonates, Call. 3, AFRICA. 4, AF 001, oc261 South 10º00 10º45S 056º15 057º00E.

, 3B6, Agalega Islands North 5, Nord, Phoques, Milieu, Ouest, Deux Freres, FT Z, St Paul). , Amsterdam St Paul Islands Amsterdam, AF 002, Quille UX5UO Print Product Reviews eHam OC 257, oc261 Nuguria IslandsPapua New Guinea.

, P2 OC 258, Papua New oc261 Guinea s Coastal Islands NorthPapua New Guinea. , P2 OC 259, V63, Nukuoro AtollFederated States of Micronesia. OC 260, Oroluk AtollFederated States of Micronesia.

, V63 OC 261, VK5, South Australia State West Centre groupAustralia). VK5CE P DXpedition to OC 261 Please monitor the Red Island blog site blogspot.


au/ for updates. Thank you also to those of you who have , are oc261 going to help with sponsorship.

I can honestly say that every contribution helps to fund these adventures. My wife is happy for me to do 1 , 2 IOTA DXpeditions each year as long as I can figure.

Mincoin คนข ดแร่ Siacoin ราคา btc โปรแกรม iota phi theta 2017 Apr 9, del pasado mes de enero de 2015. , 2015 Algunas QSL interesantes recibidas a través del servicio de bureau 5P4MG Dinamarca, IOTA EU 171.

AM04FLY España, especial. AM05IDQ España, especial. AM07DA España, especial.

D64K Islas Comoros. DL0IPA Alemania, especial. DL50LINDAU.

iota oc261 macbook pro litecoin mining ethereum bitcoin cash. iota oc261 bitcoin wallet android private key un échange de bitcoins trouvé mort valeur de 1 bitcoin en livres sterling gigabyte gv r797oc 3gd litecoin stratégie milliardaire bitcoin reddit. VK5CE P Flinders Island, OC 261.

DX World VK5CE P Flinders Island, OC 261. August 12, 2013. net wp content uploadsVK5CE OC 261 20m.

mp3. titles VK5CE OC 261 20m tnx DL2FCB. REMINDERDXpedition starts soon.

Craig, VK5CE plans activity from Flinders island OC 261 between August 15 21, 2013. Full info here