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The purpose of this article is to emphasizes the importance of automobile sales professionals taking every opportunity to connect with their prospects and sold list.It is a fact, ‘People prefer to do business with automobile salespeople they like and trust.’ There is no better brand builder than word of mouth. And, whether you realize it or not, as a professional automobile salesperson YOU are a brand.Your challenge is to create the desire in your customers and prospects to want to continue to do business with you, to want to recommend others to do business with you, to choose you when it comes to their next automobile purchase. You want them to refer to you as ‘their automobile salesman.’SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT ABOUT THE CUSTOMERHere is the kicker, if you are not maintaining a relationship with your sold list, then who is? If you are not following up on your prospects, then who is?Please don’t raise your hand and say “My customers will come back to me because they are fans on my Facebook wall.” Or, we are connected through Twitter.Poppycock. That is not maintaining quality follow-up. Facebook, Twitter, and similar social media sites are about you, not the customer, not the prospect. They are not designed for nurturing a personal relationship.If you truly want to impress on your sold list and prospects that it is about them, if you really want to demonstrate to your prospects that you are prepared to do what it takes to help them find the right vehicle that fits their budget and lifestyle, if you want to show you truly are their automobile salesman, then you need to demonstrate you are prepared to work to retain their loyalty after the vehicle crosses the curb.Now don’t read what I am not saying. I am not suggesting you send your customers and prospects chocolates, red roses, and wine – or whatever is similar. What I am saying is that if you are not making quality contact with your sold customers at least every three months, if you are not ensuring your customers receive a birthday greeting and special holiday greetings, then chances of retaining them as repeat buyers are diminishing. The longer the time between contacts, the relationship dims, the excitement of driving off in the new vehicle fades, and the less opportunity you have to sell them next time around.THE FUR WILL FLYThink that last paragraph is a bit goofy?If you have been selling automobiles for any length of time, then you have encountered people on your lot, driving your brand, that they bought at your store. They are looking to trade but cannot remember the name of the car salesperson they bought the vehicle from. Sound familiar?What is worse, the automobile salesperson who initially sold them is standing in the showroom. Why is he in the showroom? Because he does not remember them either! But when he does, watch out for the fur to fly because you are working ‘his’ customer. His customer whom he did absolutely no follow through on but now feels he should be rewarded with a repeat sale because they came back.Do not let that happen to you. Maintain regular positive contact with your sold customers and they will come searching you out – wherever you are. Through quality customer focused follow-up, build yourself as the brand and your customers will follow.Take charge of your automobile sales career, your sales future. As a commission automobile salesperson, you are a business. Invest in it. Build YOU as a brand.Remember, nothing happens until someone sells something.Sales Champions Make It Happen! then , then , then , then , then , then

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Industrial style furniture has gone from being just a passing trend to making its way into mainstream design and interior d├ęcor.Through the years the industrial look or style has become an art form. Whether its an old recycled find or a stylish reproduction they are in the trendiest apartments, converted lofts and warehouses in the most popular suburbs of your city. The industrial look brings together comfortability, art and practical functionality to complement the modern or vintage style.What is Industrial style furniture?Years ago it may of meant scouring and collecting old or maybe rusted metal or wooden furniture from second-hand markets, vintage stores or garage sales with an idea of creating something unique.Tin, aluminimum, iron steel, metals in sharp lines, recycled wood, metallic colours in a mixture of factory or farm pieces. Everything from wooden crates turned into coffee tables, unfinished walls with exposed beams to old lockers used for storage or rustic ladders for shelving, the industrial look takes on many forms and materials.How to Incorporate the Industrial look in your home?The humble materials of the Industrial look have a minimal and no-nonsense feel. Strong industrial look pieces can have a harsh or severe look on their own. Many people have found you can soften the look with natural textures and neutral colours. Even padded furniture can complement the industrial look if kept simple and free of frills. Texture from aged furniture works well with the strong shapes of the metals adding character.The minimalistic rawness and open floor plan of the industrial style gives a hard-working un-pretentious feel that can suit any budget. Salvaging anything from large glass jars, old metal typewriters, bolts, machinery parts and using them to create something new.Exposed walls and ceilings, mixing new furniture with old, rough textures with sharp smooth lines, the industrial look can be a design and style while still being practical and functional.Where to get the Industrial look?Although there can be great satisfaction in finding and maybe even restoring that just right piece of pre-loved furniture to complement your industrial look, our fast paced world doesn’t always cater to this.Reproduction of industrial look furniture has now exploded into the market, combining new materials with old to replicate, add to, or make a whole new piece of industrial furniture.There are many companies that specialise in retro furniture, and often have industrial furniture. Many of their pieces are made from recycled wood or steel, bringing new life to old materials while still keeping integrity to the industrial style.Everything from bookcases, shelving, tables to stools and storage boxes, industrial furniture businesses have a great range of industrial look furniture to complement your home or office.Auction houses are a great way to source previously used furniture. Look for auctions that source their furniture from companies in industrial zones. You may just find a perfect piece of outdoor furniture without the new furniture price-tag. Research online for your local auction houses, and then contact them for their current stock. then , then , then , then , then , then